Saturday, November 12, 2011


It has a name!

In addition to the G1 QH stallion from the last post, I'm also doing a much simpler remake on a SM Swaps. She came to me rubbed up and with a broken ear. I have since resculpted the ear, and decided to give her a luxurious new mane and tail, and darling itty bitty eyelashes. Yes, stablemate scale eyelashes. WTF was I thinking, right? Well they're just as much of a pain as they sound. But I want her to be an Arabian mare and they often have very nice eyelashes. I might give her some big snorty nostrils tomorrow, like my reference photo:

Right now I'm thinking Meenah will end up being a bay, but that's undecided. I'm hoping the weather holds up this weekend because I will probably finish sculpting her tomorrow, which means I can prime her on Sunday.

Look for pictures soon. I'm too lazy.

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