Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Mystery Arab

I jumped at the chance to win this Peter Stone Arabian on ebay because at this price he was cheaper than buying an unpainted factory second. I knew his paint job was jacked up but it would be unlikely I'd have issues such as warped legs/bad seams on a model who was already finished. And I was right! Except now that he's here, I see he has an artist's signature on his belly. I wouldn't feel right stripping him down to his paint skivvies without at least knowing his story. I've posted pics on Blab to see if anyone recognizes him or the signature. It's a shame he's in such lousy shape, as it looks like he used to be a pretty boy.

Interestingly enough, the seller included a couple of freebies as extras. One of them is Charity, the old original palomino Family Arabian Foal in glossy palomino/sorrel. She's also marked up pretty bad, but I'd been thinking of playing with customizing a FAF, so that's pretty neat. The other freebie is also in body quality... it's the first chestnut Swaps stablemate. Pretty cool, and thoughtful of the seller. :) 

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