Saturday, October 29, 2011


Pamplemousse, Pamplemousse, PAMPLEMOUSSE!

(It's the new Beetlejuice).

I won him.

I WON a Pamplemousse on ebay! I'm extremely excited. I told myself I was only going to collect Stablemates. Then I got a couple Classics... then the Thunderstorm (also from ebay) that I just had to have...and GG Valentine & Heartbreaker...and Pierrot... and the JCP Holiday Trads... and now Pamplemousse. I guess I can officially say I do collect trads then huh?

But he's palomino, guys! Not just palomino, but the light, creamy, banana pudding palomino I'm sort of obsessed with. With dapples. In gloss. Here's a photo from the ebay listing:

I'd better get to work finding more writing gigs. Um, anyone wanna hire me? :)

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