Saturday, October 29, 2011


I guess one could say I am officially back in the model horse hobby.

Opening up my boxes of Grand Champions (and scant few Breyers) during the house remodel became a pandora's box of sorts. I have gone model horse crazy since then, amassing quite the little herd of Stablemates and even a few Traditionals, a luxury I never afforded myself in my teenage collecting days!

Which brings me to this. I finally have my very own commission-painted resin. He's Morsel, sculpted by Kristina Lucas-Francis. It was kind of an impulse buy, but he was for sale unpainted on MH$P for just $35 (thanks Gail!), and KLF horses have a special place in my heart. KLF is actually a distant cousin. I've only met her once in my life though, when I was little. She was really sweet and showed me her studio, her sketches, and even took a look at some of my sketches. It meant a great deal to me, and still does.

And so, Morsel. I had him shipped to the amazing Sue Kern for painting. Originally I had envisioned him as a dark yummy bay with some pangare, but when I was browsing Sue's gallery I was awestruck by a white/grey horse she did, and told her I'd love my guy painted similarly to hers. By the way, can you believe that Lipizzaner started out life as a Breyer Zippo Pine Bar?! Sue's drastics are breathtaking. And her turnaround time is RIDICULOUSLY fast.

And so, Morsel. Or rather, as I have named him, Orbit. I'm so in love. Photos by Sue.

Is he not positively scrumptious?! He sits at the very top of my display, out of reach of kitty paws. I'd take him down and hold him at random except I'm too paranoid something would happen to him. So appropriate to his name, he remains up in the stratosphere of my work area. If I ever make it to a live show (I hope to start showing at some Region 2 shows next season since this season's almost over), I'm definitely taking this boy. I may show him in some IMEHA photo shows too if I can get my collective photography skills in order!

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